My All Greens Serum Is Coming

January 18th, 2011

Smiling Woman WIth Beautiful Skin

I have been working diligently on my skincare line for quite some time and very soon you will begin to see articles describing the line in more detail. Within the next few articles I will briefly discuss my SOON to be released all greens serum.

Leafy green vegetables are know for the great amount of vitamins, minerals and brimming with antioxidants, known for reversing the signs of aging and preventing future damage. The ALL GREENS serum is an idea I got from juicing.

Juicing delivers high quantities of nutrients in easily digestible form therefore highly beneficial to your body. This unique serum will have the same impact but for your skin. “What makes a serum different from other skin care products like a moisturizer, cream or lotion?”

The defining quality of a serum is that it is made up of smaller particles. This makes it easier for the main ingredients to be delivered deeper into the skin, providing quicker results. The better crafted serums have higher quality ingredients thus better results for your skin.

Any known skincare routine worth its weight in salt includes a serum and having one that can complement your skin will benefit you with healthy and glowing skin.

For now I carry a variety of serums from three different lines and they are all highly recommended by me and they are: ILA, PHYT’S AND EMINENCE SERUMS AND ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS CALL TO SEE WHICH BEST WORKS FOR YOU.

Here at Joanna Vargas we are not interested in selling products, instead we are interested in educating our clients so they can personally achieve the remarkable results consistently.

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