Natural Moisturizing Serums and Creams for Ageless Skin

October 31st, 2013

Those most invested in protecting faces from damage and aging choose the top natural moisturizing serums and facial creams.  When that first chill comes and the heat cranks in urban dwellings your skin can take a beating.  From those first feelings of tightness that come with fluctuating winter temperatures we become aware of the need for more intense hydration.

What are the best serums to use on dry or aging skin?

The best serums contain minimal or, preferably, no chemical additives and preservatives.  Organic botanicals free of sulfates and parabens are a wise choice because these synthetics can actually degrade dermal health rather than boost it.  Because dry skin can often be sensitive, serums that have anti-inflammatory properties are best to prevent flareups.


Argan, jojoba and grape seed oils are soothing, nourishing and powerfully moisturizing ingredients to look for in serums. They also inhibit the onset of ashen worn skin while leaving it silky smooth.  All of these oils are lightweight so they won’t clog pores or burden your skin with undesirable residue. These anti-aging elixirs reliably fill in fine lines and wrinkles leaving the complexion deeply hydrated, flawless and youthful.

Which moisturizers offer the age-reversing hydration?

Cocoa and shea butters are the most promising hydrating skincare for the winter season.  This is because they have traditionally provided lasting protection and moisture for hours to prevent the skin from becoming lackluster with exposure to harsh elements.  These  butters have been known to deliver visible buoyancy and radiance.  Conditions associated with dry brittle dermis, such as scaling and cracking, are instantly relieved with regular application of cocoa or shea butter.

Other winter favorites include almond, olive and avocado oils because they lavish and cradle each dermal cell with intensive hydrating care.  Your face will have radical luminosity without the glare when you apply these oils to damp skin just after cleansing.

What nutrients in moisturizers are essential for reversing age? has noted that jojoba oil is abundant in nutrients such as vitamins E and B-complex, as well as zinc, chromium, copper and silicon. ‘Jojoba oil also is high in iodine, which helps to fight infection. It contains myristic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties.’  When combined these nutrients are critical for erasing the signs of aging.

Shea butter has vitamins A, E and F to provide an antioxidant shield against opportunistic free radicals that break the skin down.  Cocoa butter, in the same camp also fortifies the skin for the ultimate healthy agelessness.

Highly sought-after aestheticians at leading NYC skincare spas offer thoughtful consultations on the most advanced natural serums and moisturizers that hydrate to reenergize dermal health for a younger appearance.


Deanna Lane has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University–now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC.  Otherwise-trekking the national museum scene…