Naturally Reduce The Signs Of Scarring

November 15th, 2008

Naturally Reduce the Signs of Scarring

Scars often act as a visual reminder of an incident or time we would like to forget. Scars can be a lasting sign of acne, injury and even surgery. When skin is damaged, connective tissue is produced at a much faster rate in order to increase healing. This causes thick, visibly dense skin in the form of a scar. I believe that organic skin care and noninvasive procedures can help.

There are various solutions one can employ in an attempt to reduce scarring. Topical products containing vitamins A and E are proven to help nourish and revitalize the skin during the healing process. Vitamin C helps to build collagen around damaged tissue to aid in proper circulation and can be found in foods such as broccoli and citrus fruits.

Adequate sun protection is also essential in the prevention of scars. Scars have less pigment than the rest of your skin, which means they are much more susceptible to sunburns, which will only further damage the skin you are trying to repair. Apply sunscreen everyday on your face and body, or try a tinted sunscreen on your face as part of your makeup regime.

An organic facial scrub or organic body scrub gently exfoliates the skin, and helps re-texture scarred and problematic areas. ILA’s organic Body Scrub for Energizing and Detoxing, (sold by phone at Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary,) promotes circulation while the high mineral content cleans and detoxifies the skin. Also, massage the area daily with a moisturizer, which will reduce the size of the scar and improve blood flow.

LED Light Therapy is a great noninvasive alternative that stimulates the skin and accelerates the repair of elastin and collagen. This helps to revitalize the skin and heal damaged tissue. LED Light Therapy is safe, and it does not further damage the skin or produce added irritation or discoloration. This is not the same as laser, it is ultra gentle, and there won’t be any downtime. The results are truly amazing!

Employ some or all of these methods, and you will begin to visibly see the size and severity of the scarred area diminish and healed!

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