New York Spa: Microcurrent Facials Make Your Skin Youthful

July 11th, 2014

The main purpose of microcurrent facials is to enhance the beauty of your skin and give it a younger appearance. It literally can take years of your complexion by significantly boosting collagen, the necessary protein that gives your skin a youthful bounce.

My Spa in New York is well known for this type of facial and Says:“Joanna Vargas, about whose fanatical Hollywood following nothing will ever be said other than that every time Vargas and her team decamp to L.A., appointments for her signature Triple Crown Facial go about as fast as the daily reservations at Momofuku.”

Here is another article to give you a better description of the whole treatment.


When I was offered the opportunity to receive a Triple Crown Facial with famed facialist Joanna Vargas, I was nothing short of ecstatic. After all, who wouldn’t want their skin tended to by the much sought after hands that have soothed and sculpted the faces of Rachel Weisz, Sofia Coppola, Shalom Harlow and Zac Posen, just to name a few. I had long been curious about this legendary facial, rumored to leave even the sallowest of skin red carpet ready and glowing. So on a hot and sweaty NYC morning I jumped into a cab faster that you can say ‘crows feet’ and was off to see the wizard.

Joanna’s room copy As it turns out, Joanna is more goddess than wizard (although the work she does definitely qualifies her for wizard status). After stepping off the frenzied streets of midtown Manhattan, the Joanna Vargas Spa is a like a Xanax for the senses. A welcome change from the ‘hot garbage’ smell still assaulting my nose, the waiting room smelled like a heavenly blend of floral and citrus. The airy minimalist décor and soothing world music immediately calmed me, as did the warm and inviting reception staff. I have to admit, I was nervous about meeting Joanna. After all, she has worked on the impossibly symmetrical faces of Hollywood A-listers and supermodels alike. What would she think of my dehydrated, sun damaged skin? Would she be able to tell that I spent half the weekend in a sun-drenched pool chasing my toddler despite my best efforts to hide in the shade? Would she notice the telltale signs of last night’s pinot on my tired face? I felt like I was about to be exposed, like in one of those scary dreams where you are about to give a speech in front of your entire high school class but realize that you just so happened to forget to put on clothes that morning.

Much to my relief, the Joanna that came to greet me was a kind and gentle soul in a flowy dress whose soft voice immediately put me at ease.She ushered me into a bright and airy treatment room and the intoxicating floral-citrus smell followed me in as I slipped out of my clothes, into the towel wrap and onto the cozy treatment bed. Joanna floated in and with swift and gentle hands began cleansing my face with a pleasingly aromatic organic cleanser. I felt myself relax more with each stroke of her expert hands. Oh, did I mention that Joanna is incredibly authentic, relatable, and impossibly cool? I’m talking the kind of cool that you can’t fake. The kind that you either inherently have or don’t have. Like rock star cool. But I digress, lets get back to the facial. After the cleansing, a gentle round of mircodermabrasion removed any leftover surface junk and prepped my skin for the next step, the microcurrent portion of the facial.

Now before I continue, I must tell you that I am of the school of ‘If I don’t hurt, then it ain’t workin’ when it comes to facials. I am the sicko that enjoys all things that burn, tingle, scrape, squeeze and HURT (ahem, I am referring to facials only) because I have always equated pain with efficacy. So when I heard that the Triple Crown Facial included something called microcurrent, I was totally psyched because it sounded medieval and torturous. Surprisingly, when Joanna began administering the microcurrent, there was nothing more than a faint tingle. But let me tell you, the results are dramatic.

First a brief explanation of microcurrent: It’s a mild electrical current discovered in 1830 by a physician who used it as a form of therapy for wounds, soft tissue and bone fractures because of its ability to heal the body at a rate of 250% to 350% faster than someone not using it. Later, a physician treating patients for facial paralysis associated with Bell’s palsy accidentally discovered that the faces of his patients were smoother and younger looking after treatments. As a result microcurrent became integrated into the field of aesthetics. Clients of Joanna can now reap the benefits of this discovery, as microcurrent turns back the unforgiving hands of time by stimulating collagen and elastin production, regenerating connective tissue, enhancing elasticity, correcting pigmentation, and aiding in lymphatic drainage. This all equates to skin that is left looking incredibly sculpted (oh hello cheekbones), glowing, and with a significant decrease in lines and wrinkles. It’s essentially a non-surgical facelift. In fact, Joanna stopped after doing one side of my face and instructed me to look in the mirror. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The treated side of my face was significantly more taught and less puffy than the untreated side. Even the jaw line on the treated side was noticeably more pronounced. I couldn’t believe what had been achieved without any pain and we weren’t even close to finished with the facial yet!

The final phase of the facial included a stream of pure oxygen that not only felt utterly divine, but left my skin impossibly dewy, plumped and hydrated. When Joanna ended the facial by artfully massaging on a series of silky, antioxidant infused serums and lotions, it became apparent where that heavenly smell had been emanating from the whole time. Sublime is the only word that describes the smell and feel of the delicious potions from Joanna’s skincare line.

The Triple Crown facial is the perfect fusion of cutting edge technology and organic skincare, mirroring Joanna’s own holistic approach to skin health. I highly recommend this facial to anyone looking for an alternative to needles and fillers but who also wants to achieve an ageless look and firm, glowing skin. My skin was noticeably firmer, brighter, and softer in the days following my treatment, and this was without any downtime or pain. Après Triple Crown Facial was the first time since eight grade that I went outside without concealer (ask those close to me and they can attest to this. So can my obstetrician who noticed I had stopped to put on concealer when I was six centimeters dilated and in labor with my son). The beautiful thing (besides my skin hehe) is that the results are immediate, thus satisfying the instant gratification junkie in all of us, and they’re also cumulative and can be maintained and enhanced with subsequent treatments. Easily one of the best facials in Manhattan!

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