New York Spa: The Different Type Of Facial Peels

April 24th, 2012

Any of the top New York City spas should be able to have a qualified esthetician that will be able to explain the different types of facial peels and their benefits as well as their potential drawbacks. Peels have been popular for a couple of decades now and they promote fresh new skin. What they don’t necessarily say is that all chemical and laser peels wound the skin. The deeper the wound, the more profound the effect.

However, there are milder peels that you can do during your lunch hour such as enzyme, fruit or mechanical peels like microdermabrasion. I prefer enzyme peels as they are gentler on the skin and you don’t run the risk of injuring the skin. This is because they don’t inflame the skin like a fruit acid or burn it like lasers or chemicals. Additionally, people can be allergic to fruit acids and not even know it and some types of microdermabrasion can scratch the skin. Of course any potential injury is also minimized due to the talents of the esthetician or doctor. Without a doubt peels are an essential part of your spa treatments and can be invaluable when properly done. Watch the video and call my skin care salon at 212.949.2350. Ask for the Power Peel and get to experience a proven treatment that will leave your skin glowing. To receive more tips and tricks sign up for my newsletter at the bottom or join us on Facebook or Twitter.