Organic Skincare for Youthful Eyes

November 7th, 2008

By C.A Vargas

Signs of aging around the eye can take many forms, including puffy eyes and droopy upper eye lids and can include the usual suspects like crow’s feet. Another Solution can be invasive surgery to pull, lift the tissue back to where it belongs. And although this is a solution, perhaps there is a simpler and gentler way with Phyt’s, Fluide Contour/Eye and Lip Contour.

This Ecocert, organic skin care product is seriously Joanna Vargas’s most popular retail product here at the salon. She states, “It is literally owned by everyone of my clients!”

This organic eye cream is even the best kept secret of some of Hollywood’s biggest actresses! Why?

Because it drains out excess puffiness, gets rid of dark circles and hydrates the delicate skin around the eye area. Oh, and the smell is out of this world!

Contains Wheat, a great antioxidant, Hazelnut, Lavendin, which is anti-bacterial, Potassium, Sunflower to help balance the oil in the skin, Ylang Ylang, Wild Chamomile and Lavender.

Apply a pea sized amount to the entire eye area but not on the eye lid both morning and evening after cleansing.

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