Perfect Your Skin In 5 Minutes

April 5th, 2010

The Japanese have a very practical approach for improving an on going concern, they call it Kaizen.

The word means: a gradual and orderly, continuous improvement. Kaizen explores, experiments and adopts the found improvements and repeats the process.

Perfect Your Skin In 5 Minutes.

216072_blogHowever, if you are like me, and most people I know, we don’t practice Kaizen as this process is “too long”. Our basic idea is that of now, we want it NOW!

Now I don’t expect you to take my word for it but little changes in your skin care routine can have DRAMATIC results. However, if you do these small changes, you’ll be amazed at the results you get when you consistently do the next few steps below.

I usually find out when someone tells me, ” I’ve given up, I’ve tried almost everything, and nothing gives me the results I want”. A short talk later, I discovered that a) the person is not consistent with their skin care routine or b) the person gets facials once a year or worst, never.

Lets talk about the first point, it takes at least 2 weeks to see the results from many skin care products. This, of course, is even longer when you are NOT consistent with your skin care routine. Like ones diet, eating a healthy meal sporadically will not give you the results you want.

The solution: take 5 minutes in the evening to use a proper cleanser and night cream. You will SEE a huge improvement in how your skin looks. The results will be well hydrated, fresher, cleaner skin.

First time clients are sometimes surprised by my suggestion that a healthy skin care routine includes a facial once a month.

There is a VERY good reason for this. The skin regenerates itself every 28 to 34 days and it needs your help to maintain good health and a beautiful glow. The facials I do supplement your skin care routine by CONCENTRATING fundamental steps vital to the youth of your skin.

And who can deny that an hour of de-stressing once a month can help give you the flawless skin you want.

To help you maximize the professional results of your facial, add 2 minutes of exfoliation twice a week. The results will be smaller pores, smoother texture and a more natural GLOW to your skin.

These are simple solutions and anyone can do them for better skin NOW!

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