Phyt's Serum Reviderm

April 5th, 2010


These great capsules PUMP life to your skin and smell amazing!

58This serum oxygenates a dull, lifeless complexion and really feeds the skin some amazing nutrients for regenerating a healthy glow. In the end you will have a plumped and refined surface without make-up.

Also very hydrating without clogging the pores, so it is great even for combination skin.

Contains Chlorophyll, which is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and helps to heal rapidly.

Can be used after cleansing and toning both night and day under your moisturizer.

Our Price: $90
S & H:$11

To order please call Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary, in New York City. 212/949.2350. All products are shipped Priority Mail via USPS unless otherwise instructed by the client.

  • A long term goal for anyone looking to clear up and have fantastic looking skin, is to have a better diet. Including omega 3 in your diet will help you achieve a better complexion. However, I always tell my clients that the beauty puzzle is more than one piece and that regular facials amongst other things as part of healthy and beautiful looking skin.