Post Holiday Skin Care Tips

January 3rd, 2012

If the holiday party season took a toll on your complexion, you’re likely not alone. This is a common problem that occurs to many of us due to the holiday party circuit and it can wreak havoc on your skin.

During this time we tend to overindulge in foods, cocktails and sacrifice sleep. But now it’s time to get our skin care back on track.

Your chic soirees made your social calender very healthy but they came with consequences. Here are the solutions to get your glowing skin back.

Step 1: REST

This is the most overlooked steps in getting your skin back in shape. While we sleep our skin is being restored and renewed. This is because our bodies repair themselves at night and lack of sleep interrupts this cycle.

Well-rested skin is bright and healthy looking. Tired skin is dull and lackluster.


Too many cocktails and late nights meant you need an extra shot in your non-fat venti cappuccino. Add cold weather and indoor heat and all the moisture has been sucked form your skin.

Drink water and plenty of it! Also, skip your coffee and instead drink green tea. This will give you the pick me up you need and the antioxidants to restore your skin’s health.


There is a mask for every complexion, making them a useful tool to get your complexion back to its pre-party state. I suggest using one that contains hyaluronic acid. It’s a powerful humectant, meaning it can retain or preserve moisture. Also very vital to returning rehydration is exfoliating weekly — this will slough off dead skin cells so that your masques can better penetrate the skin.

If you’re dealing with breakouts (which can happen after too many indulgences), opt instead for a blemish-busting mask.

Also, drinking water will move toxins out of your body quickly reliving breakouts.

Step 4: DETOX

DRINKING PLENTY OF WATER WILL AID IN THIS STEP TOO! You can start every morning for the next week with warm water and lemon. This helps flush toxins from your body.

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, leafy greens and fruits. You’ll get plenty of antioxidants to revive your skin but also fiber to help push toxins out of your intestinal track. This is essential for clear skin as any excess of toxins will come out via your skin if the body can’t get rid of them fast enough.


Eat lean proteins, good fats (olive oil, avocados) and steer clear of anything sugary or laden with fat and calories. After a week of this regime you should notice your skin clearer and brighter.

I hope your holiday season was enchanting and that your New Years is full of wonderful adventures to come. As always I look forward to seeing you at the salon where we can help you achieve the skin you always wanted.

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