Purifying Facial

June 25th, 2008

Are there secrets to staying young and beautiful? Yes there are. And I have spent over ten years as a skin care professional looking for and finding them. During the earlier part of my career I have known the frustration of seeing little or no results from skincare treatments I was told to perform. This is what lead me on my journey to find out all there is to know about skincare treatments and skincare products.

So as an esthetician, with my own skincare salon, I have crafted all of my facials to provide results as instantaneously as possible. But I only use non-invasive tools and combine them with incredible organic products.

The Purifying Facial is my deep cleansing facial that uses an innovative and improved way of doing microdermabrasion. It is a safe and gentle way of exfoliating dead skin with a diamond tip wand instead of abrasive materials. This method prevents unwanted irritation even if someone has sensitive skin.

The reason microdermabrasion works is because it triggers the skin’s healing mechanism. This slight abrasion stimulates collagen and elastin production, two vital proteins needed for youthful skin.

There are many benefits such as great elasticity and firmness and the removal of fine lines and wrinkles. Also over time it removes or helps with sun damaged skin.

I use microdermabrasion in all my facials as it is the first step to beautiful and young looking skin. This is also why one should use a good scrub at home at least once a week. I recommend you use our French all organic certified exfoliant by Phyt’s.

This will also help you to maintain the results of the facial through out the month and ensure that all your skincare products penetrate properly into the skin.

The next step is customized for your specific skin type with the most exquisite organic skincare products.

I use a medley of organic skincare products that are known for their healing, nourishing and soothing qualities and they are anti aging as well. How you ask? Because the natural ingredients nourish your skin, giving it the building blocks for youthful radiance.

Then, the final touches are done and the results are fantastic, leaving the client with a fresh new face.

Any one with any skin type can benefit from this facial. The skin is bombarded with stress, pollution and chemicals every day and the Purifying Facial is like a monthly cleaning of your biggest asset, your face, designed to take your skin back to being clean, clear and glowing.

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