Raw Organic Chocolate

December 1st, 2008

Raw Organic Chocolate

Looking for a healthy excuse to indulge in your chocolate cravings? UliMana’s luscious chocolate truffles are delicious and made using only raw and organic ingredients.

The truffles contain organic, raw cacao, which is extremely rich in antioxidants, and helps to regulate the body against issues such as high blood pressure and inflammation. The truffles are also sweetened with organic agave, a natural, low glycemic sweetener that does not cause blood pressure to spike like sugar. Another added benefit that few people consider is the high level of magnesium contained in chocolate, which aids in building strong bones, and also acts as a natural stress reliever.

These chocolate truffles are mixed and rolled by hand and packed full of natural flavors. There are eight combinations featured, including Dark Cacao and Coconut.

In addition to creating yummy and health conscious treats, UliMana also has plans to donate five percent of their net profits to non profit organizations that encourage the development of fair trade and organic farming.

Joanna Vargas serves this healthy organic treats in her skin care salon in New York City and its proud to sell them to her clients. Place your order now via Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary at 212.949.2350 during salon hours 9 AM to 6PM Monday through Saturday.