Recharge Your Skin at Carson Skin Rejuvenation and Joanna Vargas

May 23rd, 2014

Carson Skin Rejuvenation and Joanna Vargas have something positive in common:  they strive to recharge and nourish skin toward ageless beauty.   And these spas have been unquestionably successful in delivering luminous skin to their loyal clients.  Expect no less than the application of exclusively natural face care products, including the thoughtfully crafted Joanna Vargas age-reversing collection.  In fact Skin Rejuvenation now sells the complete Joanna Vargas line of youth-enhancing face care for use at home.

Jaime Carson founder of her illustrious namesake spa, embraces a similar vision as Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary for achieving a completely rejuvenated appearance.  They believe in non-invasive face care without the side effects or recovery time of surgical procedures.  Using natural and organic skin products, such as Joanna Vargas’ cleanser, exfoliant, sera and moisturizers ensures a chemical-free facial experience for her sophisticated clientele.

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What’s Glow and Go?

Glow and Go is rapid exfoliating and ultrasound therapy that infuses the skin with antioxidant protective serum. Since many professionals have a tight schedule, the need for quick visits with this choice aesthetician arises more often than not.  For this reason, Jaime Carson cleverly devised a series of swift and effective luxury treatments that meet the needs of her busiest clients. The same expertise and remarkable natural skincare products are included in these thorough facials, as you’ll find in this spa’s more lengthy pampering therapies.

Smooth & Go, similar to the Joanna Vargas LED experience, stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin proteins using LED therapy (light emitting diodes).  In the process fine lines, wrinkles, acne and rosacea are visibly diminished.

Extract & Go is an express antibacterial treatment that removes surface impurities from the pores to inhibit acne and black head breakouts.  In a short 30 minutes your face will be clearer and less likely to develop the blemishes associated with acne.

Firm & Go targets the eye and forehead areas to drain away puffiness and slacken deep stress furrows around the brow in a brief microcurrent session.  With focused waves of mild electrical currents the skin is magnificently firmed until your next appointment.

These are all deluxe ways to recharge the overall look and health of skin, while meeting the demands of intense careers.  Keep in mind, for those not on the go, relaxed indulgent therapies are Jaime’s forte at Carson Skin Rejuvenation.  So if the desire is for a tranquil unrushed facial, your face care needs will be fulfilled with enviable flawless skin as the final result.


Deanna Lane has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University–now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC.  Otherwise-trekking the national museum scene…