She Knows, Blonde and Aglow

October 10th, 2008

Source: She knows
May 2007

Everyone says blondes have more fun and while this adage may sometimes be true, for us on the fairer side of things, said fun can often not include the ability to tan.

In my two-decades-plus of existence, I’ve been to the beach. I’ve been on cruises. I’ve even left the country. All in the pursuit of color. [Actually, that’s a lie. These vacations were mostly in pursuit of shopping and eating, but anyway…] I have turned a variety of shades of pink, red, even at times purple…but never anything that remotely resembles a tan.

Tanning lotions? Try orange. Bed of hot lights? I haven’t had the nerve. (Um, beckon cancer? No thanks.) And don’t get me started on showers of dye. Read the full story.