Skin Savior, LED Light Therapy

January 13th, 2011

Everyone is looking for an anti-aging panacea and I have found a few.

One of them is LED Light Therapy and it is more than just a skin deep treatment.

When applied properly and assisted by nurturing skin care products, the results can be dramatic.

This is not just another skincare trick but a means to power the cells within the dermis and igniting them to heal, restore and eliminate possible damage.

Taking advantage of this cutting-edge technology will give you measurable results and skin you will absolutely love.

We have a variety of services that include LED Light Therapy including a genuine innovation of mine.


Call Joanna Vargas Skin Care Sanctuary in New York City to find out more about each service and definitely opt for the FULL BODY LED LIGHT THERAPY. Dial 212/949.2350 to make your appointments NOW and if you “Like” my Facebook page receive $50 off Any Treatment.