Slow Your Aging – How Managing Stress Can Slow Your Aging

May 13th, 2011

Slow Your Aging – How Managing Stress Can Slow Your Aging
By Celia Westberry

Stress is very personal and it is a major player in aging phenomenon. Just as you create your life, you create your stress. Fortunately your body has a built in chemical mechanism to deal with just about any kind of stress.

No matter what causes it, your body produces a particular set of chemicals to effectively combat stress.

Unfortunately constant stress causes over production of stress chemicals. This over production of stress chemical disturbs the function of your immune system, and can cause it to shut down, thus leaving you defenseless. This shows up as various illnesses ranging from the simple to the severe. This is why you must take the concept that stress can cause premature aging seriously, and decide now to slow your aging.

For instance, consider Flu season. In the winter stress comes from travel, with its close contact with strangers, overcrowded shopping malls and airports, social stress of dealing with difficult family situations, your body responding to killing temperatures and overfeeding because of triple holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine- plus the usual anxiety of workplace stress and worry about overspending. All of this causes stress… You guessed it – you are now vulnerable. Your defense rests and you get the FLU. That’s your body saying I am sick of it!

For some people though, there is no such thing as Flu season. They shy away from flu shots. They just know and do the right thing, think the right thoughts and salvage their wellness. And you can be one too.

Also consider this; a poorly working immune system leaves you at risk for cancer, autoimmune diseases like diabetes and arthritis and even depression; since one of the jobs of the immune system is to monitors your wellbeing. Here’s the good news! You can boost immune function one day at a time. I have discovered nothing beats a commitment to day by day wellness.

Make an effort to eat fresh food every day. This is the highest level of support. All you need is a large dose of enthusiasm and the necessary information about the foods that boost immunity. For example, Vitamin C is a big player here. Vitamin C is very volatile so it is best to keep fresh foods proven to be high in vitamin C handy. Best choices are lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit. When eating out never miss a chance to ask for water with lime or lemon. Try and not depend on Vitamin C pills to protect you. They have been proven to be ineffective in protecting immune function.

Refined sugar slowly destroys immune function. After you reach age 35 become fearless about eliminating prepared foods with more than 5 – 7 grams of sugar per serving. Read labels and become familiar with the disguises of sugar – like high fructose corn syrup and corn starch. Sugar is plentiful and everywhere. It is in prepared salad dressings, sauces, frozen dinners, desserts, soft drinks, dessert coffees, and designer alcoholic drinks. Also be aware of replacing sugar with sugar substitute. This will keep your body constantly craving the taste of sweet.

Do a reasonable exercise program. My pick would be yoga since that is what has worked for me and many others for many years. Breathing techniques in yoga enhances oxygen to the brain. And it has been proven that there is constant interaction between the immune system and the brain to keep our wellbeing stable.

Constant stress can become chronic and at this point can create illness. Consider a wellness coach. An experienced coach can help you achieve the mindset required to deal with fine tuning your mental and spiritual energy. This helps you open up your consciousness to stay with the challenge of creating lasting change. The joy of this is that you achieve your goal and continue to perform at a level that is uniquely programmed to your individual experiences.

After this, you will easily honor your promises to yourself. Expect to stay alert about seriously choosing the right moves to ensure permanent success. You will slow your aging and feel great on a daily basis. Thereafter you would have transformed your immune system and your overall wellbeing. And experience what it is like to live in control of everyday stress.

Celia Westberry is a wellness coach. Celia has been helping her clients achieve serious, meaningful results, and make easier, successful transitions to a healthier lifestyle, in her seminars, workshops and private coaching. She is the author of Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly – the easy way to slow aging, feel great and look good. Visit her at and get a free eBook – Secrets of Healthy Aging Revealed

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