Smooth Out Cellulite

October 26th, 2009

Many think that cellulite is a fat problem or a weight problem but the truth is that even skinny girls can have cellulite. In Joanna Vargas’s article, “The Truth About Cellulite” she uncovers the truth and exposes this general misconception as a skin problem. Yes, you read correctly! A skin problem. And it occurs due to damage skin not fat. Even some so called experts don’t know this. Knowing this you can then approach the problem with nutrition, however that can take some time. So what do you do for fast results? Well, read the article by “Everyday Health” and see how Joanna Vargas handles it and then make your appointment at 212.949.2350.

By: Katie Kerns
Source: Everyday Health
August 2009

Joanna Vargas: Not Your Average Spa

3356892_blogThere are spas, and there are super spas… Spas that, after seducing you into a snuggly serenity and whipping your skin into shape, simply send you on your way; and then spas that dispatch their clients into the world as younger, healthier – even thinner – versions of themselves.

Joanna Vargas, a boutique salon in Midtown Manhattan, commands super-spa status. Sure, its menu features facials (such as the Oxygen Purifying Facial), waxing (even foot waxing!), and sunless tanning (care for a Golden Glow?). But, if you’re feeling bold, you may also want to venture in for microcurrent body treatments, microdermabrasion, or anti-aging LED light therapy.

On a recent visit to the cozy, very-pink salon, I overcame my apprehension and dove into the Tone Up microcurrent body treatment. Tone Up promised to tone my muscle, tighten my skin, and smooth out my cellulite, which couldn’t work against me in those remaining few bathing-suit-required events of the summer. According to the salon, the treatment renders the same results as going to the gym – without actually having to exercise.

I was lucky enough to meet with Joanna herself, who detected my concern as she placed wired, adhesive circles onto my upper thighs and lower butt and then reached for the “on” button. “Not to worry,” she assured me; microcurrents are totally painless and safe. For 30 minutes, tiny (and yes, painless) pulses zapped my problem areas, and it didn’t take long until I felt the same burn that breeds from a 30-minute run. Joanna prompted me to try on my tightest-fitting jeans as soon as I got home (which I did, and I was pleased!).

Cool? Very. The problem? Just like that 30-minute jog, one $200 Tone Up session isn’t going to produce long-lasting, life-changing outcomes. Results are cumulative, so many clients break the bank to get treatments often. Weight also matters. Joanna says she treats models hoping to lose that last centimeter for measurements, as well as overweight woman who see results faster. I’m on neither end of the spectrum, so it’s probably more cost-effective for me to stick with a gym membership. However, the Tone Up could be a nice treat for a woman about to embark on a big day such as a wedding or decade-bending birthday.

If microcurrent treatments have sparked your interest (and you’ve got the funds), I recommend treating yourself to a session at Joanna Vargas. You can also pair the Tone Up with a facial (which Joanna is actually famous for) or an oxygen treatment.

Joanna Vargas Salon is located at 501 5th Avenue, Suite 707 in Midtown Manhattan. To make an appointment, call (212) 949-2350.

– Katie Kerns, Everyday Health Production Editor