Summer Brides And What to Do About Your Skin Care Routine

July 8th, 2014

My first advice to any bride is to remain calm! This is not your typical skincare advice but stress can wreck your skin.

You have to manage your stress in whatever form you think is best. Get your brides maid to coordinate things for you, exercise or do yoga as another way to blow off steam etc. This will eliminate a major factor as to how your skin will look on your wedding day.

Must of all have fun and really enjoy every aspect of getting ready for your special day. Getting there can be so much fun and your skin will show it!

In the article below I’ll give you some tips on how to have healthy and radiant skin as you walk down the aisle.

Skin Care Secrets for Summer Brides


I’m officially less than one month away from my wedding day and to say I’m slightly stressed would be an understatement! Thank goodness my personal beauty guru, Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, knows all the pros to turn to for great skin care advice. These secrets were too good to keep to myself, so I had to share with all of you! And hey, my seating plan may be a mess, but at least my skin will be glowing! XxMolly

Joanna Vargas, facialist the stars, and the creator of one of our favorite natural skin care lines, shared her tips for prepping for the big day.

Take it Away Joanna!

A month out: Typically a month before the wedding the bride is stressed and everything she has so carefully planned is coming together relentlessly! I would recommend a deep pore cleansing to really get the skin nice and smooth for the big day. Having one four weeks out will give the skin time to heal. I would follow with an LED light session so the pores start to shrink and you can get the skin even toned and perfect for the big day.

* Three Weeks Out: “At three weeks out she should have the first of three microcurrent facials. It de-puffs you and takes the tired out of your eyes no matter how much rest you have gotten! I would also add on my Power Peel- it’s a double exfoliation with both a diamond peel and a fruit acid detox peel followed by LED light. It makes your skin completely resurfaced, clear and glowing!”

* Two Weeks Out: I would do a LED Light treatment plus oxygen. LED works in a series. The more you do, the more the pores shrink and the better your skin looks. The oxygen is awesome for bringing a great glow to the skin, which is so important with all the stress and pollution we subject it to.

* One Week Out: Last time for a microcurrent facial. As much as you should avoid it, many brides end up trying to manage stress with wine this last week, which leads to puffiness. Microcurrent will make you look de-puffed, it will make your cheekbones high and your jaw and neck really perfect for pictures. This is my favorite facial to give to anyone before a big day like a wedding or red carpet.

* The Big Day!: The morning of I would use my Exfoliating Mask in the shower. It will brighten your skin before makeup. Under your makeup I would use the Daily Serum. It’s really great for oxygenating the skin and giving you a rosey glow. It’s so easy too because it goes on the face neck and eyes!

And if you’ve never tried her line of products, they are truly amazing. Our favorite is the Daily Serum, $85, which is like a green juice for your skin. She’s big believer in good nutrition, and her product line is perfect for giving skin the nutrients it needs. For more information about Joanna’s skin care line and spa, please visit:

Next up, Colleen Rothschild, the skin care genius behind hundreds of the most iconic beauty products in the industry, who just launched her own line in January. (Side note: Her Cleansing Balm is The Bomb!). Colleen was gracious enough to share an exclusive coupon code with our readers, which can be found below, so be sure to stock up on all her goodies!!

Take it away Colleen!

With so much going on between planning, showers and finding the PERFECT dress, our skin can often take a back seat! I’d love to share a few simple skincare tips and product suggestions that you can add into your daily/weekly routine, to help give your skin that natural, wedding day glow on your special day!

* DRINK WATER. Staying hydrated is so important for your skin. To help get that wedding day glow try to drink eight glasses of water every day!

* Wash Your Face Everyday! Forgetting to wash your face, even one day, can cause havoc to our skin. And once a pesky pimple shows up…who knows how long it will last!

This is my favorite cleanser to remove ALL makeup and the days’ dirt and debris! Radiant Cleansing Balm

* Moisturize. Keeping the skin’s moisture balanced is key to glowing skin. In the weeks before the wedding it’s important that you are consistent with your moisturizing your skin. This moisturizer offer weightless hydration to all skin types morning and night. It also doubles a makeup primer to help makeup stay put longer! Sheer Renewal Cream

* Special Treatments for pesky problem skin. Sometimes we can’t avoid a pimple that pops up. When that happens-LESS is more. Don’t over treat. A simple dab of our Salicylic Treatment complex will help promote clear skin. Use at night after cleansing your face. Salicylic Treatment Complex

* Masks. Because the bride-to-be schedules can be extra crazy…Treatment masks are a great way to take that spa experience home when you don’t have time to go get a facial. Masks help draw out deep down dirt and debris and also help smooth away dead skin cells that make skin look dull. This mask does all that and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Use 1-2 times a week after cleansing and before your moisturizer.Clarifying Detox Mask

Take it away Dr. Frank!

• I usually see brides up to a week before their wedding day. I recommend that all cosmetic enhancement or corrective treatments be done before this time, but I do see brides right up to the last minute for cortisone injections if a pimple pops up which reduces the swelling and makes it disappear within 24 hours.

• Clarisonics are great for exfoliating the face before the big day, I recommend the Zeno acne zapping device. This is great for individual breakouts under stressful busy times when a patient can’t get to the doctor for a cortisone injection. It fits right in a pocket book and works quickly to reduce inflammation of a pimple.

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