Sunflower Oil Enhances Skin Elasticity

January 15th, 2012

It might be difficult to picture huge budding sunflowers in the midst of frigid winter, especially in New York City. But when spring comes, the auspicious flowers, are like huge swaying happy faces in the warming breeze. And besides being chicken soup for the soul, flowers have a lot to offer for the health of your skin. So, don’t fret, summer will be here before you know it. In the meantime, lets learn what youth enhancing nourishments are available in that favorite seed of spring.

Sunflower Oil Cleansing

Sunflower oil is a natural emollient that enhances skin elasticity as it softens fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth complexion. It also contains vitamin E, essential fatty acids and carotenoids that create a protective barrier against toxins and other free radicals that can be potentially damaging. This versatile oil also offers the perfect defense against skin irritations including acne.

When combined with the enriching properties of castor oil, sunflower oil makes an exceptional skin cleanser that removes dirt and makeup as it hydrates and protects skin. With the help of a steamed cloth you can effectively cleanse the pores for bright moisturized skin.

Along with the healing anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil you also have the essential proteins and minerals for promoting maximum cellular health. The fish oil is antibacterial and noted for its effectiveness in treating acne. Consider your skin type then blend the proper ratio of organic sunflower to castor oil for the best results. Store them in a clean glass bottle to best preserve the nutrients and for ease of use.

Easy Oil Formulas

Dry Skin Formula: 9 tablespoons Sunflower oil to 1tablespoon Castor oil

Balanced Skin Formula: 8 tablespoons Sunflower oil to 2 tablespoons Castor oil

Oily Skin Formula: 7 tablespoons Sunflower oil to 3 tablespoons Castor oil

Add a touch of vanilla essential oil for calming and slowly massage the mixture into skin. Take your time and concentrate on the problem areas with blemishes and rough patches. The oils will cleanse and slough away old skin tissue to reveal the exuberant layers beneath. Steam a soft cloth with water and apply to your face making sure no scalding takes place. Once the cloth cools you can begin to gently remove the oils from the skin. You’ll no doubt be happy with the radiance before you in the bathroom mirror.

Oil cleansing is generally recommended before bed so the complete enrichment can be absorbed through the pores while you sleep. Sunflower oil’s skin conditioning abilities can help to resurface vibrancy for overall healthy appearance. Your face will radiate brightness comparable to the sunflower itself—the best skincare from nature.