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What To Avoid Using on Skin While in the Sun?

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Summer’s not quite over and with UV solar exposure happening year round there are ingredients to avoid using on your skin while in the sun.  The most intense rays are still prevalent so it is essential to find the most …

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September 13th, 2015

5 Spa Tips to Protect Skin Naturally During Summer

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July can be the most brutal month on the skin during summer.  So the best NYC spa offers the 5 top tips to protect skin naturally during summer and counter the effects of sun damage.  When temperatures peek our skin …

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July 17th, 2015

Summer Skin Therapy: Restorative Age-Reversers at the Best NYC Spa

As the sun etches fine lines and wrinkles in unprotected skin during the sizzling heat of summer, the best NYC day spas prevent damage with restorative age-reversers skin therapy.   In the most brutal of seasons it is essential to …

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July 25th, 2014

Golden Glow Sunless Tan

By C.A. Vargas

Hi Everyone,

953491_blogSpring is finally upon us and with summer not too far behind now is a great time to prepare for the warm weather by waxing and getting a Golden Glow Sunless Tan!

The Golden …

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June 6th, 2009