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Juicing For Your Skin: A Skin Care Guide For Glowing Skin

In this video I give you a brief look at why juicing can be great for your skin. Many people don’t realize that many of your skin’s problem can be related to poor nutrition. Eating lots of veggies or better …

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December 7th, 2013

The Style Glossy

I’m a guest blogger at “The Style Glossy”, beauty blog. I hope you take the time to go and read my first article on how to, Avoid the Most Common Skin Care Mistakes.

Here is an excerpt and the link …

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September 11th, 2010

My Skin Has Cleared Up Completely

I love to see the faces of my clients when their skin has cleared up completely. Of course results like these can be common when you follow the detail instruction on how to care for your skin. Add to that …

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August 24th, 2010

How to Boost the Results of Your Facial or Light

With the proper nutrition, sufficient levels of protein, greens and supplements, your level of stress WILL drop significantly.

Nutrition and stress are connected and are well documented facts in numerous medical journals. HOW do they affect the health, look and …

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April 1st, 2010