The 8 Reasons Why Your Skin Is Aging

April 29th, 2012

Any anti aging skin care routine must include the top eight reasons why your skin is aging. So let me ask you this question, “is your skin aging faster than you are?” Its probably safe to say that your skin’s greatest foe is NOT time but environmental and lifestyle factors.

Your facial skin is specially vulnerable to these factors as it is constantly exposed and bombarded by them. Watching out for these factors can improve the performance of your skin care routine and dramatically improve your skin’s texture, tone and clarity.

Here are my 8 environmental and lifestyle factors that can speed aging skin.

Do You Look Younger Than You Are?

If the answer is no, you can still do something about it now, and if you answered yes, keep it young and glowing by knowing what ages your skin. And by taking the proper precautions and timely care for it, you can slow down the natural aging process of your skin.

1) Sun Exposure (this includes tanning beds)

2) Cigarette Smoke (inhaled or second-hand)

3) Pollution or Environmental Toxins (car exhaust or household cleaning products)

4) A Poor Diet (fast foods or processed foods) and Not Enough Fruits and Vegetables

5) Excess Alcohol Consumption

6) Stress

7) Harsh Skin Care Products, Soaps or Detergents

8) Sleep Deprivation

I purposely did not expand on the list as I think it speaks for itself.

Additionally, the idea behind the list is not to frighten you or never to have you use cleaning supplies or to become a recluse and never leave your house. The idea is to find ways to manage them and still live a full life.

In my next newsletter I will tell you what to expect as your skin ages by decades.

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