The Age Defying Secrets Of Chinese Women

June 12th, 2012

A peek over pagoda rooftops reveals a modern thriving Shanghai—a city deeply entrenched in Chinese history, British and French colonialism. From cotton to opium trade and all you’d imagine in between, Shanghai is an illustrious place with many hidden mysteries and treasures. One of the treasures of this very cosmopolitan landscape is the best skincare that can be offer not just locally but globally.
There you have a culture renowned for phenomenally youthful skin, so it goes without saying that we can wisely source some useful tips in caring for our own skin from Shanghai. You may have heard of rice, seaweed, and pearl cleansers for optimal epidermal health all sourced originally from Asia.

These skin care ingredients have been proven extremely effective and ceremoniously used for promoting smooth age-defying skin by Chinese women for many years.

Shanghai’s place as a major international trading port gives it a unique place in China’s mammoth terrain. Because of this status, the city has had tremendous access to all the world has to offer in refinery—the best skin care products being no exception. All of the best facial treatments and organic products you’ll find in major cities around the world are offered 10-fold in Shanghai with health aspiring devotion for jaw-dropping radiance.

Then there are the unique Chinese spa facial treatment options found at the best skincare spas that were beautifully exclusive to Shanghai– until word got around…

Marine Protein Facials

Since the sea is known as a source of powerful healing with balancing and revitalizing properties, it is no small wonder that Shanghai day spas should offer this magnificent marine facial experience. Marine algae facials are intended to purify, tone and drench the skin in deep hydration using active marine extracts.

There are a number of positively natural skin-altering facials that incorporate marine and plant proteins to treat all variety of skin types. Marine extract facials are said to reverse the signs of aging in dull, sluggish, maturing skin. These supreme skin treatments also significantly define contours, reduce inflammation and control the buildup of excess sebum for glowing balance. They are a when used with a workable skin care routine.

Yin Yang or Tai Chi Facials

A yin yang facial mask was recently introduced globally, inspired by ancient Chinese philosophy of balance, used in this specific case for unsurpassed skin health. Made of red peonies and bamboo charcoal, the black mask boasts purifying properties and relaxes. The white mask has Bletilla strata, white peony and Virginian truffle extracts that enhance skin’s brilliance as it calms through gentle cleansing. This 2-part facial is believed to embody the balancing elements of yin yang for truly beautiful youthful results.

As we journey in search of the best facial experience to achieve improved health of skin we can source some of Shanghai’s ancient wisdom in unrivaled treatments with appeal for modern urban climates.

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