The Best Non-Invasive Facial to Treat Sun Spots 

September 21st, 2015

As the season of peak sun comes to a close you may be exploring solutions for evidence of close solar encounters.  The most respected aestheticians in the skincare industry recommend the best non-invasive facials to treat sun spots.  They are definitely not the charming freckles of youth—they are in fact the signs of damage and early aging from environmental factors.  Their appearance is indicative of weakened dermal tissue.

There are simple and thorough ways to remedy sun and age spots through professional face care.  Of course the first piece of advice is to avoid prolonged exposure to UV solar rays. However if you inevitably choose to be outdoors for any length of time, wear sufficient SPF protection in the form of mineral sunscreen that can deflect heat away from the dermis.  Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are highly recommended by NYC’s leading day spa to combat UVA (long wave) and UVB (short wave) damage in the form a daily moisturizing cream.


LED Light Therapy

This is a preferred non-invasive treatment preferred by celebrities and business professionals who frequent the Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary.  The benefits from LED light therapy facials are innumerable, but the primary result is a dramatic reduction of sunspots and other blemishes.  These tiny infrared light emitting diodes also increase the production of two vital proteins: collagen and elastin.  Together they support the overall dermal structure for maximum elasticity and strength.  LED also has the ability to diminish deep wrinkles or fine lines while it offers a natural lift and improves the complexion.

Originally used by Navy SEALS for to expedite the healing of wounds and muscle regeneration, it is now lauded in the aesthetics industry as advanced face care technology. Regulars of this cutting edge facial, as well as the professional spas that offer it, credit LED as being a non-surgical approach to flawless skin with no healing time or side effects.  With cumulative treatments sun spots and blemishes are treated with no evidence of discomfort, thermal damage, down time, or scarring.

Other tips for prevention of sunspots…

Covering up has never been more fashionable for skin free of age spots.  Broad brimmed hats can shield the face with ease and style.

UV shades on windows are useful if you’re fortunate to have the office with a view.  This can be useful at home as well.  When we are indoors we tend to forget that we can still be exposed to the window.

As they say, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Consult your trusted aesthetician for more tips and tricks to treat and prevent sun spots naturally.