The Best NYC Spas Recommend a Rejuvenating Serum for Wedding Day

July 2nd, 2014

Wedding day is that most important occasion when the best NYC spas lavish the skin in rejuvenating serums with luxuriating professional facials.  These enriching elixirs are highly recommended by the leading aestheticians in New York City, including celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas.  That’s because their undeniable nourishing and age-reversers abilities is what makes high quality serums a definite skincare necessity to look absolutely radiant for the bride’s big day.

 What enriching ingredients do the top serums contain?

Expect the purest quality botanicals, vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants in the top serums.  High-end skincare products claim the most potent concentrated blend of natural ingredients that expedite cell turnover and restore optimal balance for the healthiest glowing skin. When they are used as part of daily face care regime the complexion is visibly silky and flawless—what every bride aspires to.


There are several ingredients that the aesthetics industry recognizes as leading the charge in promoting youthful glowing skin.  For example, when you visit the Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary for your pre-wedding facial you will find an esteemed selection of these age-defying ingredients in her serums to claim as your very own for maintaining exuberance at any age:

Argan Oil, derived from the Moroccan tree, provides the highest quantity of fortifying antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical damage and UV exposure.  It is most sought after in pure form to erase fine lines and wrinkles as it deeply moisturizes dermal tissue. Improved metabolism means that new skin cells quickly replace worn surface layers.  Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe most irritations.

Jojoba extracted from the nut of the tree of the same name is a deeply hydrating wax ester that most reliably balances the natural oils of the skin.   When applied as a serum it generously supplies anti-aging Vitamin E as it rapidly diminishes blemishes

Neroli oil of the Spanish orange tree, with its calming effects also increases blood circulation for improved cell renewal and a refreshed complexion.

Olive oil has been used traditionally to detoxify to skin as it softens for a smooth vibrant texture.  It is also a recognized anti-inflammatory that can inhibit the onset of breakouts and other skin flare-ups while it regenerates new skin cells.

Rosehip oil has rejuvenating abilities and provides a barrier against photo aging.

Proven to be effective by experts at the Best Spas in NYC, a serum of the quality delivers positively dramatic results.  When you combine these botanical ingredients, you have the best possible face care to enhance the overall appearance of the skin.  Your face will beam with an unrivaled overall healthy vitality just in time to say, “I do.”


Deanna Lane has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University–now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC.  Otherwise-trekking the national museum scene…