The Best Skin Care Products Contains Argan Oil

August 29th, 2012

The Argan tree produces the most coveted, luxurious oil that has been traditionally applied to hair and skin for its unsurpassed anti-aging properties for centuries. It’s no small wonder then why the best skin care products feature argan oil to be used as part of a daily face care regime.
How does Argan nourish your skin?

This miracle oil offers plentiful vitamin E content and 80% essential fatty acids, for the benefit of healthy hair and skin. When applied to the skin it preserves the hydro-lipid layers, the barrier system that prevents moisture loss through evaporation.

Additionally, a compound known as saponin, makes the skin more supple and pliant, decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Reparative triterpenoids, an active ingredient, disinfects and heals inflammation due to UV exposure, healing damaged skin cells and erasing blemishes.

Argan is found in the luxury face oil serum made by celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas. This facial oil, due to it’s Argan rich content, provides tocopherols, natural antioxidants that shield your skin against a myriad of free radicals and environmental stresses ever-present in urban terrain. Toxins, pollution, chemical preservatives and additives would all otherwise wreak havoc on your skin without the potent antioxidants present in argan.

The sterolins are also a vital compound that enhance moisture retention and promote cell metabolism for a more toned, smooth and youthful complexion.

This rare North African oil features unique compounds such as schottenol and spinasterol which are the most powerful anti-inflammatories that effectively treat acne, wounds, burns and rosacea. And this also makes it prevents aging skin as inflammation has been traced as one of the causes of aging.
Where is Argan oil found?

Argan oil is sourced from a tree native to North Africa. This species of ancient tree has endured 25 million years of the most extreme climates, fending off the sands of the Sahara desert while averting erosion. Lady Beaufort of Amsterdam cultivated the hardy tree in 1711 from a sample that arrived by way of Leo Africanus, a worldly explorer who set sights on Argan in 1510.

Despite Argan oil’s coveted “fountain-of-youth” results, in 1999 the United Nations Education and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) officially listed the North African Argan forests as endangered. One can rightfully presume that this tree that was once found in abundance is now endangered. Currently 25,900 square kilometers of forest are protected to preserve what remains of this monumental botanical heritage.

And yet, Argan oil is growing in global popularity as the ultimate youth-enhancing ingredient for those seeking a rare source of skin nourishment. But if you consider that 8 mature Argan trees produce a single liter of oil, you may be more inclined to read labels for sustainably harvested oil. For centuries the oil has been laboriously processed by Berbers of Morocco from the undigested fruit pits passed by goats. The pits are then manually crushed and pressed to produce the refined rare oil.
As we pursue ageless skin, inquiring with the top skincare spas that provide organic products can advise on the most responsibly sourced Argan face care. Considering the sustainable alternatives is the environmentally conscience option that aids in preserving regal Argan trees, a legacy for future generations.

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