The Best Skin Care Routine

April 29th, 2012

When my son was a few months old, one of his most memorable characteristics was his soft and supple skin. This is of course quite normal in any newborn.

If I could only bottle it!

Many have looked for ways to do so and promises abound but part of the reason skin ages is not necessarily wrapped in time. The skin since you were born is constantly working for you and its a wonder that is does not look any worse for wear.

Your skin is a barrier against the elements, protecting you from bacteria and other healths threats.

This organ, like any other vital organ, performs a life giving task and it needs your help in achieving maximum performance.

In order for this organ to perform at it’s full capacity you need to have a nutrient rich diet that includes a wide variety of proteins, vegetables and fruits.

This will feed your skin from the inside out.

However, this is not enough. Why? Because as I mentioned before your skin is continually being pounded by the elements.

You can do many things to keep it young and glowing but in my opinion you will need to do at least two.

Exfoliate and moisturize.

You can exfoliate the entire body with a brush or body scrub and for your face a gentle scrub.

Using a moisturizer that feeds your skin essential vitamins can improve it dramatically.

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