The Best Ways to Treat Rosacea

March 12th, 2015

People who struggle with the blotchy redness of the skin are wont to find the best ways to treat this dermal irritation.  What causes rosacea may be the first question most have? In an interview with the renowned celebrity facialist, Joanna Vargas says, “people who suffer from the skin condition will attest to the fact that it worsens when they’re stressed or upset.  If you can learn to calm yourself down, the lesser the redness will be.”  One NYC spa at the forefront of the skincare industry suggests a few simple steps that can alleviate this prolonged blushing—bringing with it sensitivity and discomfort as well.  Along with this advise you’re assured clear and radiant skin free of irritation.

According to the National Rosacea Society the condition occurs when “facial blood vessels dilate too easily, and the increased blood near the skin surface makes the skin appear red and flushed.”  Professionals agree that the most reliable way to address the symptoms of rosacea is to consult with a trusted aesthetician or dermatologist and do your research beforehand.   They have experience with treating all skin types that are also impacted by this condition. However, the more information the client can provide about their history with the condition the better the results of their treatment can be.


What can I do to stop the redness?

Low-level light emitting diodes (LED) therapy, such as you’d find at the Joanna Vargas Salon, are known to effectively soothe the redness of inflamed skin.  This form of treatment has long been recognized by experts for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to boost youth-enhancing collagen and elastin production.  So if you know there’s up an upcoming event that’s likely to stress, scheduling this gentle holistic facial can inhibit the onset of the symptoms without side effects or recovery time. Because it’s not possible to predict the progress of rosacea in each person’s skin, it is especially important to treat it with professional care.   Seek consultation from a knowledgable aesthetician who can customize a reliable skincare regime that includes anti-inflammatory therapy for your specific needs.

In Brides magazine Joanna Vargas offered a calming DIY remedy when the redness of rosacea kicks in at those least opportune moments.  Aloe is suggested as a proven anti-inflammatory while lavender has been traditionally used to reduce stress. Once blended Vargas recommends “spraying it onto the skin throughout the day [to] ease redness and chill you out.”

Combine (preferably organic varieties):
4 tsp green tea
1 oz fresh peppermint leaves
1 cup lavender flowers
2 cups distilled water
2 tsp fresh aloe vera gel

Steep the combined ingredients for 15 minutes, thoroughly strain and allow to cool. Add aloe vera gel and pour into a spray bottle (preferably glass). For an on-the-go version, steep an organic peppermint teabag and one of chamomile tea in a cup of warm water. When the water has cooled, add the aloe vera gel plus two drops of lavender essential oil and pour into a spray bottle.

Is Rosacea genetic or environmental?

A recent study found that 40% of those with rosacea have people in their families with the condition, so it’s clear that it can be hereditary.  Various lifestyle choices and environmental factors can be the triggers which increase the likelihood of the often embarrassing red flushed appearance.  Between professional facials should the inflammation recur, The National Rosacea Society recommends natural (non-irritating) mineral makeup as  an attractive camouflage for a flawless complexion until it the symptoms subside.  This non-toxic makeup also protects from UV solar damage that can also be a trigger…

Deanna Lane has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University–now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC.  Otherwise-trekking the national museum scene…