The Daily Serum By Joanna Vargas

October 24th, 2011

My green juice inspired serum, the Daily Serum, along with my AGE-DEFYING serum the Rejuvenating Serum will be available at the salon on Friday, August the 5th.

Both pack the power of age prevention and both have proven skin supporters in the right concentration for a beautiful eye catching complexion.

Having done nearly 18,000 facials during the span of my career I can honestly say that smart skin care products are NOT trying to reinvent the wheel.

What they have is the right concentration of active ingredients that can transform your skin into the face of beauty.

Beauty In A Bottle

One of my unbreakable rules in skin care have been to choose products that yield results and not be swayed by advertisement of the latest “technologically” advanced formula.

And I admit that I am just like you, captivated by the allure of agelessness, glowing skin and having that crystal clear skin that we all associate with youth.

So early in my career I learned to recognize the QUALITY of a skin care product by it’s results and NOT by the latest active ingredients.

How To Get Damage Free Skin

Like a multivitamin for the skin my Daily Serum is an intensive skin renewal formula with the correct concentrations of vitamins A, E, C and F.

These proven vitamins don’t promise to transform your skin but deliver a serious punch to the signs of aging before they start and even REPAIR it after they set in.

Vitamins A and E are essential for deeply moisturizing your skin and retaining hydration for decreasing fine line and wrinkles. Vitamin C protects against damage from daily sun exposure especially in the summer months.

And according to experts you can keep from aging by preventing cellular inflammation. Vitamin F is a natural anti-inflammatory that soothes skin irritation provoked by pollutants, pesticides in foods and other free radical inducing elements.

There are other simple ingredients in my Daily Serum that deliver needed nutrients to your skin but I will illustrated them in other newsletters.

However, in my next newsletter I will cover my Rejuvenating Serum that will tackle skin issues like loss of elasticity, frown lines and will return a more youthful look for your beautiful face.

How will you AGE? You can answer this more accurately than I can as you know your lifestyle and skin care routine better than I do.

What I can say is that ERASING years from your skin or preventing them is as easy as the proper skin care routine at home, the right facial for your skin type and your lifestyle choices such as nutrition and moderation of vices.

As always I look forward to seeing you at the salon so make your appointments NOW at 212/949.2350.


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