The First Step In Eliminating Acne

December 9th, 2010

You’ve probably heard many reasons why a person gets acne. All the variety of information out there can be confusing and make you lose sight of the ultimate and only reason why you get acne. I will give you the exact reason in a second but first the catalyst.

Diet and nutrition, closely followed in second place by ones hormones, can cause the oil glands to become overactive. Environmental pollutants, makeup and bad skincare products also can be a factor.

They all cause the same thing, CLOGGED PORES, because of too much sebum and too many dead skin cells. These pores then become the perfect breeding grounds for the bacteria which produces acne, Acne Vulgaris.

I think you will agree with me that once you approach it from this simplified viewpoint, you can target more easily what to do first.

The First Step In Alleviating Acne

Woman With Clear Skin

The first step in alleviating acne would be to do a deep cleansing facial. The skin in congested and needs help in eliminating bacteria and impurities that are causing the acne and the pores need extraction for the same reason.

The second step would be to review what could be causing the problem to persist. Diet or poor nutrition would be my first guess. The proper diet can help regulate hormonal instabilities or provide the need it nutrients for your body.

The skin is the last organ in your body to receive nutrients but the first to show the effects of a poor diet.

In our modern world there are a few things which have caused foods to lose their nutritional value. These are processed foods and agricultural science.

The amount of food one square acre can produce today has increased dramatically since the 1950’s but it came at the expense of sacrificing the amount of nutrients found in the food.

In simpler terms you cannot get enough nutrition from your food today therefore a multivitamin can make up for the missing nutrients and minerals you need.

Environmental pollutants can play a role as well and some can be found in the water we drink, the foods we eat. Also in the cosmetics, skincare and beauty products we use.

Studies conducted show that these pollutants tax the liver, our body’s filter, therefore making the body use its secondary filtering unit, the skin.

When this is the case all sorts of skincare concern can be trace back to this. Dry brushing is a great WAY to help the skin detoxify.

Clean, Clear and Glowing skin can be achieved by you having regular facials that aid the skin through its natural process, a skincare routine that maintains the benefits gotten by a facial and by proper nutrition and diet to maximize your gains.

And lastly using skincare products that are as safe as possible by knowing what they contain in them.

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