The Midtown Manhattan Facial Guru Joanna Vargas

February 26th, 2015

You may have noticed Julianne Moore’s magnificent Oscar’s glow, but may not have known she is among the celebrity clientele of Facial Guru Joanna Vargas.  “I tend to do my own thing when it comes to my skin but I do go to Joanna Vargas when I need a good facial” says Moore tells New Beauty magazine.  Vargas has built a loyal following by providing advanced and natural face care alternatives to those who prefer to defy age gracefully.  Her namesake midtown luxury sanctuary has the most knowledgable and amiable staff in NYC who consult and pamper the faces of all skin types and tones.

What facial is preferred by Joanna’s celebrity clientele?

Triple Crown Facial.  This signature facial combines advanced technology and natural face care for an unrivaled anti-aging treatment in three pampering steps.  It is the ultimate exfoliating and sculpting facial that applies 3 cutting edge skin therapies infused with a nutrient-rich serum for ultra silky texture and flawless appearance by the finish. You’ll have a radiant clarity fit for the red carpet.

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Microdermabrasion is the most effective way to shed old dermal tissue for refined softer skin.  A diamond tip wand is used to slough away dead skin cells.  Now the pores are cleared, open and ready to absorb the abundance of nourishment from the serum with ease.  Next, microccurent directs very mild electric currents to the jawline and brows for a visibly defined contours that roll back the clock on aging. As a third and final step: a fine mist of pressurized oxygen penetrates the skin’s surface with concentrated vitamins and minerals to restore collagen and elastin production for ageless beauty one again.

Why non-invasive face care has become the norm…

For those who choose non-invasive treatments with zero recovery time or side effects there are holistic facials that are becoming more popular among the celebrity clientele.  In the wake of recent news regarding chemical peel malfunctions and botched cosmetic surgery, many high profile types are considering the natural options that regulate dermal function and reverse age without causing sometimes permanent damage or extreme discomfort. In addition many professionals are on the go and cannot afford to factor in recovery time in the midst of their busy schedules.

The three elements of this facials in particular are in very high demand because they are the most gentle and effective non-surgical options for achieving a youthful complexion with redefined contours.  High end spas often recommend these treatments, but astute clientele already familiar with their restorative and reparative properties make a beeline for these appointments with no need for coaxing!  For this reason it is imperative to book far in advance especially immediately following the Oscar’s and Fashion Week…


Deanna Lane has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University–now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC.  Otherwise-trekking the national museum scene…