The Power of Clay in Skin Care

June 6th, 2008

The power of clay in skin care has been used since the time of ancient man. Used as facial decorations for man and women, clay holds also the mystery of ancient lands.

Ancient Man first observed that wounded animals would roll in clay and water when wounded. The animal would thereby heal and avoid life-threatening infection. The conclusion was simple- clay had healing properties. Eventually, some people created medicinal clay potions that were mixed with foods to heal stomach illnesses. Other clay based potions were used topically to draw out poisons and others still would be used to dress wounds. Let’s take a closer look at the healing properties of clay and unlock this ancient mystery.

Clay is found in nature all over the world and comes in different colors and textures. Different colors occur because of their natural mineral content and can range in texture from coarse to fine. One of the most common clays used in skin care products is the French Green Clay or Sea Clay.

This clay is truly a natural marvel. It is a bio-mineral, meaning it contains essential trace minerals, decomposed plant matter, algae, kelp and plant based phyto nutrients. French Green Clay is a powerful purifying agent for your skin, absorbing excess oils, toxic substances and impurities. It tones, stimulates and repairs damaged skin cells and connective tissue thus revitalizing the complexion and tightening the skin. Simply amazing and natural skin care.

Rhassoul Clay is a mineral rich, reddish-brown clay that comes from ancient deposits of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This earthly treasure has been used in skin care since the time of ancient Egypt and Rome and continues to be used today. The best spas all over the world use this amazing clay in skin care because of its many professional applications such as soap, skin conditioner, as well as facial and body wraps.

This clay is highly valued for its absorption properties as it eliminates toxins from the skin and has astringent properties.This clay also restores the skin’s elasticity, unclogging pores, removing dead skin and surface oil.

Fullers Clay got its name several hundred years ago from wool textile workers or “Fullers”. They invented a concoction of water, soapwort, and clay in order to remove the dense impurities and oil from sheep’s wool. Today Fullers Clay is used in skin care products because of its ability to remove oil and impurities from the skin. When used over time it has a lightening effect on the epidermis. This type of clay is highly recommended for people with oily skin, acne, blemishes and spots.

Using clay-based skin care products, that have been properly crafted, can have significant benefits to your skin. Clay will detox your skin by drawing out poisons and impurities thus deeply purifying and invigorating your skin. Additionally, clay provides the essential nutrients and minerals that your body requires for a more healthy and younger looking you.

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