The Purifying Facial

October 30th, 2008

When clients come to Joanna Vargas Skin Care, most want a luxurious and pampering experience and indeed, that is what they get. However, there is an underlying practical philosophy that I impart and it is my operating basis for skincare. And that is, that a facial should be done as part of a regular skin care regime and used as a means to prevent and protect the skin from the factors which cause skin to age prematurely. Joanna Vargas Purifying facial delivers all the fundamentals of beauty in one simple facial.

The “PURIFYING FACIAL” is a deep cleansing facial that uses an innovative and safe method of microdermabrasion using a diamond tip wand instead of abrasive materials.

It safely removes the top layer of dead skin preventing unwanted adverse reactions such as irritation, redness, broken capillaries, scratching etc.

Once the microdermabrasion is completed we use organic products that are healing, nourishing, soothing and are customized for the individual skin type. This step helps to remove excess oil and impurities which can clog pores and prevent beautiful skin.

Then, the final touches are done and the results are fantastic, leaving the client with a fresh new face and a foundation for truly beautiful skin.

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