The Triple Crown Facial

July 2nd, 2008

The use of microcurrent technology, used presently in microcurrent facials, has been around for over 120 years and it is an acceptable form of therapy in the medical industry and has become so in the skincare industry.

Doctors have used it in soft tissue therapy, wound recovery and fractured bones because of its ability to heal the body at a rate of 250% to 350%.

Microcurrent facials is the hottest thing in the anti aging industry and there’s a good reason why. I will give you a brief summary of the results you’ll get from these microcurrent facials, like instant and VISIBLE tightening, toning, and firming of the skin. In fact, the results from microcurrent facials are so dramatic that they are often referred to as “non surgical face lifts”.

There are many factors that cause our facial skin to wrinkle and sag as we age. Our muscles become accustomed to certain expressions and tend to “stick” in these positions.

The simple reason is that our muscles have a memory system that tends to remember specific positions. A great example of this are the furrows between the eyebrows that many people get.

In addition there are certain face muscles which are hardly ever used, and they begin to atrophy, which leads to sagging. Thus we get droopy jaw lines, chins and neck as we get old.

One of the key factors that causes your skin to age and thus become damaged is that there is less production of collagen and elastin as we age. These two vital proteins are necessary for youthful, glowing skin.

Microcurrent stimulation not only helps in the production of collagen and elastin but it also restores the body’s own electrical current that gets interrupted when damaged to the skin occurs. Therefore healing occurs.

Visible results are guarantee the more you do microcurrent facials and results can happen almost from the first treatment and can be quite dramatic. Improved textured, firmer skin and also noticeable elimination of fine lines and wrinkles. Your face will have a much more lifted and youthful appearance as you walk out the door. And as I mentioned, the results are cumulative.

I have created a truly wonderful microcurrent facial which I call the Triple Crown. It is a three step facial that begins with a fundamental to all my facials here, microdermabrasion.

I use a special tool which has actual diamond fragments attached to a wand. The diamond peel is a safe way to do microdermabrasion without causing any adverse effects to your skin.

Then we follow that up with the microcurrent part of the facial. With first time clients I treat one side of the face and then I show you with a mirror the dramatic results you’re getting.

This is as close to instant gratification as you can get. And the most important point is that it is noninvasive and totally safe.

The last step is a booster to the whole process as it is one of the most healing elements on Earth, oxygen. This step is part of the oxygen facial and the O2 is infused with an antioxidant spiked serum and it is applied in a very specific way so as to form a hyperbaric chamber.

Oxygen when applied in this form actually penetrates deeply into the skin and helps it with cell regeneration. And of course I only use organic products in all of my facials.

Microcurrent facials are cumulative and an alternative to cosmetic surgery or invasive treatments that might actually hurt or damage more than just skin. And they do not require any recovery time as they are totally safe.

I hope you found this information helpful and if you have any questions you can always call us at Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary in New York City at 212/949.2350. And if you are a first time client tell us when you are MAKING your appointments and we will give $50 Off ANY of our facials or skincare treatments.