Two Reasons Why Your Skin Ages

September 4th, 2012

Most of my clients would argue that the face ages faster than the rest of your body. The truth is, the first signs of aging anyone takes note of seem to happen on their face. The reason is not just the aging process but the fact that your face is exposed to the elements everyday, compounding the problem.

The solution is to have a dual skin care routine that protects externally and proper nutrition that helps internally.

Depending on your age you might have noticed a difference between the skin on your face and the skin on your hips or torso. The exposed skin is usually more aged, affected by years of sun damaged and other external elements.

However, it is not only the external factors that age your skin that you have to worry about. The aging process slows down cellular reproduction, preventing your body from repairing itself.

Therefore the way to slow down the aging process and keep the vitality and look of your skin young and healthy depends on nutrition and a skin care routine, including facials.

Eating certain nutrients, antioxidants & amino acids will help internally to heal, protect and keep your skin radiantly beautiful.

To protect your skin from the elements and keep it eternally beautiful, you’ll need a consistent beauty routine.

This means regularly using high quality skincare products and spa treatments that are customized for your skin type.

Your skin and body work hard for you and a little care goes a long way. Eating an adequate diet and maintaining a basic beauty rituals can greatly improve your skin and do wonders for your confidence in the way you look.

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