Vitalight Facial Treatment

June 24th, 2009

Hi Everyone,

istock_000006903846xsmallWe can’t wait to share great and exciting news with all of you! We just got a brand new, the most updated and the latest version of LED light therapy machine on the market. The anti aging program is more powerful than ever before and the program for acne is more effective in healing and soothing for your skin than the previous one.

WHAT IS LIGHT THERAPY: Light therapy is one of the most powerful anti aging tools for your skin in the arsenal against the ravages of time and is considered highly effective against acne. This powerful technology has been mostly used by physicians, NASA and the NAVY SEALS for muscle regeneration and the healing of wounds.

The study and use of light therapy is over 100 years old and has been validated by thousands of results and studies and finally it has moved over into the aesthetic field with amazing results. After you had this amazing skin care treatment your face will be clean, clear and glowing!

Call Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary where you’ll get the best facial in New York City. Make your appointments NOW at 212-949-2350 and book your Vita Light skincare treatment today!