Vitamin C Face Wash With Galactoarabinan

May 21st, 2012

After you’ve indulged your skin with a brightening citrus face wash you’ll wisely want to choose an equally nourishing daily serum with the perfect blend of high-potency antioxidants. The Joanna Vargas skin care line carries two such products that have a heavenly aroma of tropical guava, along with the citrus twist of grapefruit extract.

Many companies offer vitamin C products that have a cocktail of essential vitamins for the healthiest most balanced complexion. These can be in the form of a nutrient rich serum that features the finest ingredients to boosts the performance of your hydrating daily moisturizer.

Moisturizers help as they deeply penetrates the pores to prevent TEWL or (transepidermal water loss), decreasing it.

How does a vitamin C serum protect skin?

As a natural anti-oxidant the vitamin C content in these serums, provide protection against the harmful UV rays that inevitably etch fine lines and wrinkles in your skin. The damage that is caused by chemical preservatives, smoking, pollution, and general environmental stress is effectively inhibited. The signs of maturing skin are held at bay with an anti-oxidant shield. In this way, epidermal health is preserved for unparalleled age-defying radiance

What does galactoarabinan (GA) do for skin health?

If you’ve chosen one of the best daily serums it will be enriched with galactoarabinan (or GA) that is naturally sourced from resin of the coniferous larch tree. Through a water extraction method the healing properties of the tree’s resin are drawn from the trunk. Larch grows in the high altitudes of northern parts of both the eastern and western hemispheres in abundance. This unusual species loses its needles in autumn at which point it oozes a medicinal resin that rapidly and reliably repairs epidermal tissue as a key ingredient in a daily serum.

A Northwest Native American tribe has traditionally applied GA-rich larch resin as a topical solution to expedite the healing of burns, cuts, and wounds. The application of vitamin C and galactoarabinan in combination promotes healthy cell turnover, as old upper epidermis is shed to reveal the fresh glow beneath. As a serum your skin is treated to a beneficial daily dose of nutrients that strengthens connective tissue as it builds collagen and elastin proteins.

Skin care Products with Galactoarabinan Benefits:

Intensify cell metabolism for a toned reinvigorated appearance
Enhances moisture retention for age-reversing results
Tightens the pores for flawless complexion
Decreases fine lines and wrinkles
Promotes optimal epidermal health

A series of trials have been conducted by prominent dermatology laboratories in New York City that found GA significantly reverses the aging process. Choosing a high-end vitamin C serum with galactoarabinan ensures healthy youthful skin that is protected from the elements. A tip: even if your serum doesn’t contain GA there are gentle organic face washes that contain this vital compound.