What is a Thalasso Therapy Facial?

November 30th, 2011

What is a Thalasso Therapy Facial?

The word “thalasso’therapy” looks like one of those painful annunciations, but it turns out to provide some of the finest marine sourced ingredients for facials available globally at the best skincare spas. Abundant in mineral content, the healing properties of the sea have been harnessed since long before Antiquity in thoughtfully collected samples to treat and firm skin. Imagine tossing a lasso around the nourishing elements of the ocean and reeling them in for your skin to drink: healthy and brilliantly regenerated epidermal cells will naturally follow such a natural aqua facial.

When treating skin, thalasso therapy, carefully recreates a warm marine climate by combining mineral-packed seawater, the purifying muds of the salty sea and antioxidant rich (algae) seaweed. Together these are applied to heal, clarify and sooth the skin toward improved health and radiant appearance.

Algae Skin Benefits

In its many varieties, algae are known to have detoxifying abilities to help remove contaminants from epidermal tissue and protect against free radicals as it stimulates blood circulation for the optimal health of your skin. This marvelous sea plant also inhibits water retention in skin cells which lends to a more toned, slimmer looking face following a heated facial application. By eliminating the buildup of fatty waste and toxins trapped in your skin tissue, it is believed that algae also reduces unsightly cellulite.

Re-hydrating thalasso therapy also helps promote improved lymphatic flow, expedite the healing of blemishes, diminishes wrinkles and enhance elasticity for luminous youthful looking skin when algae is applied for this facial.

Purifying Sea Mud

As part of your thalasso facial, sea mud absorbs excess sebum from skin as it purifies the pores. If you choose Dead Sea mud your skin will benefit from the 20 nourishing minerals found in this lush natural marine ingredient. When the essential nutrients of sea mud are absorbed through the pores acne, eczema and psoriasis are also visibly minimized.

The host of minerals in sea mud include: zinc, potassium and magnesium that promote skin cell regeneration, bringing a fresh-faced glow to the fore. Sea mud will gently exfoliate away the dead epidermis as it releases the upper layers of dry flaky skin.

Should you choose thalasso therapy? If you want a phenomenally relaxing facial that will transport you to the beautifully turning tides of the sea,then thalasso therapy is the perfect way to pamper your skin towards stunning flawlessness. Professional aestheticians can help you choose from some of the finest marine sourced ingredients suited to your skin type and needs. Some of the best day spas consult with or have staff doctors to help you treat deep skin concerns and conditions for the maximum results.