What New York Spas Offer Oxygen Facials?

June 16th, 2012

When your skin doesn’t receive enough oxygen, it appears unhealthy and aged. This is why exercising regularly can improve your skin and complexion dramatically, making it look flawless and ageless.

This is perhaps why it was rumored that Michael Jackson slept in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Pure oxygen has been used by the medical establishment for decades now in order to treat many ailments and to rapidly repair the body.

Some of these treatments are: healing burns and damaged tissue, gangrene, wounds or injuries that fail to heal through conventional methods or treatments. The reason is that pure oxygen is regenerative as well as antimicrobial.

And this is why the spa industry developed their oxygen facial. This type of facial therefore delivers a mixture of hyperbaric oxygen, or pure oxygen at a high pressure, and anti-aging serum through an airbrush to the face and body.

It’s almost as though someone is using a tiny power washer to pump oxygen and moisturizer into the skin.

This is why oxygen facials have become a favorite of spa devotees because of the instant plumping of the skin and the “warm glow” that accompanies the spa treatment. Many New York spas offer this treatment but perhaps none as well known as Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary.

Allure Magazine Says: “Vargas’s skin-care approach is similarly holistic, using all-organic products, antioxidant-spiked serums, and a stream of pure oxygen… Her lotions felt whisper-weight and silky, not thick or sticky, afterward, our skin was calm, clear, and healthy-looking.”

Additionally, the high-pressure pure oxygen is generally blended with a nutrient-rich serum, forcing the oxygen-nutrient blend past the outer layers of the skin to the deeper levels of the epidermis, which results in an immediate plumping of the skin.

This leaves your skin feeling smoother and looking more youthful, erasing tiny imperfections in the skin. Additionally, one of the things that I really love about oxygen facials is that it helps with the application of makeup as it gives the skin a smooth and moisturized surface.

Makeup also can be applied right after the oxygen facial, as opposed to traditional facials, which often require a 12-hour waiting period before you can apply any makeup.


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