What’s Causing My Skin Tone to Be Uneven?

September 19th, 2010

Any one of my facials, that you should be getting regularly, is able to handle uneven skin tone. So if you are asking the question, “What’s causing my skin tone to be uneven?”, you are not alone. Most of us will eventually struggle with some form of brown spots or unevenly skin tone in our lives but there are things that you can do to prevent it or reverse it.

You Can Erase Dark Or Brown Spots

Woman with even tone skin

The way I like to approach any skin care concern is by looking for the root cause of the problem as this is the reason why a symptom develops.

This approach yields results that you can see and love.

Dermatologist site two common reasons for hyperpigmentation, over exposure to the sun and high estrogen levels. This problem can occur in women that are using an oral contraceptive or during and shortly after pregnancy for the same reason.

Now that you know two of the common causes, you can approach the problem in any number of ways and the results will be visible to the degree that you apply what you know.

However, before I give you some basic remedies for brown spots or uneven skin tone there is another source that may cause uneven skin tone.

Your skin color can also become uneven from acne once the blemish has healed. Red or brown pigmentation can occur and the skin will eventually even itself out as the skin naturally sheds.

Keeping your skin’s tone fresh and evenly looking regardless of your age is then dependent on sun protection, speaking to your OBGYN for an alternative contraceptive or a nutritionist to help you maintain estrogen levels down and exfoliation for all three.

One of the most important things you can regularly do at home, at least twice a week, is to exfoliate as you will increase the cell turnover, exposing fresh new skin. Over time you can fade or erase brown spots and have evenly tone skin.

Another easy and safe solution is having regular LED light therapy sessions. LED repairs sun damaged skin and helps to erase dark or brown spots. The result is of course evenly tone skin.

So if you hate those nasty brown spots and are ready for more flawless looking skin call our skin care salon where you will get the best facial in NYC. And lets start you on a skincare routine that will give you the results you want.

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