Your Skin Should Feel Tight After Washing

January 26th, 2011

Your skin should feel tight after washing. This headline is a LIE, yet I have often heard that this is the requirement for knowing your product is “working”.
However, if your skin doesn’t feel fresh and supple, you are probably washing it with a cleanser that is too harsh for your skin.

The obvious problem that will ensue is dry skin, however, over-washing your face can trigger breakouts as your body kicks the oil production into overdrive to compensate for lack of moisture.

Daily cleansing is important as it eliminates acne causing bacteria, prevents clogged pores and removes makeup and other impurities. Switching to a creamy cleanser or a gentler one for your skin can do the trick.

Knowing the correct cleanser for your face can immediately improve the way your skin looks and over time you can have that fresh look everyday.

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