Youthful Skin With LED Light Therapy

October 29th, 2008

C.A. Vargas


This procedure is 75 minutes of distilled beauty and commences with a fundamental to all our treatments here at Joanna Vargas Skin Care, microdermabrasion. Using a diamond tip wand to exfoliate the skin, the most advanced form of microdermabrasion, we safely exfoliate the top layer of dead cells and surface dirt, leaving a beautiful new complexion.

After the exfoliation, we then prepare a customized cocktail of vitamins and other active elements to completely restructure the surface of the skin. Its an alchemy of powerful products to fight all the signs of aging. The result is simply miraculous as it erases fine lines and wrinkles, lightens sun spots and tones the skin. All with organic products from France.

Next we use the latest technology in anti-aging skin care, LED light therapy. Light therapy has been used by NASA and the NAVY SEALS in the treatment of wounds and muscle regeneration with great success and now is being integrated into the field of aesthetics with great success.

The basic theory is that cells use light to create ATP, the fuel that powers life at a cellular level. Once produced, the body uses ATP to carry out repair and rejuvenation. This is much like a plant using sunlight to convert it to food energy or chlorophyll. Light therapy uses very specific spectra of light waves, red and infrared, WITHOUT UV rays. This is what helps the body to heal itself at a cellular level. The benefits are amazing: 1) reduces the signs of aging or damaged skin (like lines, sun damage, stretch marks or pigment), 2) increases the production of collagen and elastin, thus firming and lifting the skin, 3) increases the removal of waste products from the cells and enhances other anti-aging treatments that are used in conjunction.

We end this procedure with 98% pure oxygen, which is the ultimate in healing and anti-aging. The oxygen is infused with an antioxidant spiked serum that helps to lift, tone, plump and hydrate the skin. The entire procedure is holistic and will leave you looking radiant and more than red-carpet ready. This treatment will literally reverse the signs of aging and give new life to your ravaged skin.

Also this treatment can be modified to help in the treatment of acne by using blue light therapy in conjunction with red and infrared light. Blue light has been used by dermatologist to treat acne for years but if you include red and infrared you will not suffer from the swelling or redness that can occur as a result.

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